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Radical Lux Pen

The Radical Lux Pen it setting the new standard for Tattoo Pens. This machine is the first of it kind with 2 adjustment wheel that is accessible at anytime where you can adjust your Needle Protrusion & Needle Hardness/Softness. The Lux Pen allow you to easily adjust your machine with out the hassle.

Most Pens in the industry require that you disassemble your machine to adjust the Hardness/Softness setting. For your needle protrusion on most pens require that you twist the grip. This may be difficult for many people after your machine is set up and all wrapped up.

Lux Pen Set includes: 1 Pen, 4 Grips, 1 Wireless Power Pack, RCA Cord, and Charge Cord for power pack.

4 Grips Included - 1" Inch Grip, 1.25" Inch Grip, 1.25" Inch Textured Grip, & 1.5" Inch Textured Grip.
Wireless Power Pack - 5 Hour Run Time & 1.5 Hour Charging Time.
Pen Material - Aircraft Aluminum.
Needle Swing - 3.5mm Swing
Pen Connection - RCA Connection.
Power Cord - RCA Cord included.
Weight and Length - 6oz and 5" inch.
Warranty - 1 year manufacturer warranty.

All our machine use quality motors, but we do offer 4 different motor to fit your need and budget.

Motor Options: A - 18V Faulhaber 2610 & 84000 RPM (Operating Voltage: 4V to 18V)
Motor Options: B - 12V Faulhaber 2607 & 10000 RPM (Operating Voltage: 6V to 12V)
Motor Options: C - 12V Matsu B5 & 10000 RPM (Operating Voltage: 6V to 12V)
Motor Options: D - 12V Matsu SR4 & 9500 RPM (Operating Voltage: 6V to 12V)

Radical Lux Pen with 18V Faulhaber (Gray) In Stock $310.00
Radical Lux Pen with 12V Faulhaber (Silver) Out of Stock $238.00
Radical Lux Pen with 12V Matsu B5 (Red) In Stock $218.00
Radical Lux Pen with 12V Matsu SR4 (Gold) In Stock $200.00