Radical Power Unit Version 2 Radical Power Unit Version 2 Front View Height
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Radical Power Unit Version 2

Radical Version 2 is powerful and compact. It stand at 1.15" inch tall and 4.75" inch wide. The clean looking display uses a intelligent touch screen. This power supply has many features built in including: 2 Machine connection, Jump Start mode, Dot Box mode, Continuous & Momentary pedal mode.

Dot Box: This power supply has a built in dot box feature.
Jump Start: Built in jump start for people using Cheyenne.
Machine Connection: Connect 2 machines and easy switch from machine A & B.
Memorized Voltage: Machine A & B can both remember 4 different presets.
Foot Pedal: You do not need a foot pedal, you can turn it on manually on the touch screen. If you want to use a pedal it has a Continuous Mode (step 1 time to turn on and step 1 time to turn off) & Momentary Mode (normal mode).
Digital Display: Uses intelligent touch screen and displays all key functions of the power unit.
Size & Weight: This unit weighs 0.68lb (11oz). It stand 1.15" inch tall and 4.75" wide.
Items included: Power unit, wall adapter, 3 adapter cables.
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.

Radical Version 3 Power Supply Unit In Stock $250.00